Afrezza: Extreme Glucose Challenge

This video is a follow-up to the Extreme Coke Challenge.

Using fast-acting emergency glucose with 5g more sugar than the can of coke, and a higher starting blood glucose level, we see how Afrezza deals with this unlikely situation. Afrezza is so fast it doesn’t need a head start. This video shows why Afrezza is less effective when taken before a meal, and should be taken at least 10 minutes after starting most meals.

It is of interest that the final glucose reading in Coke video at 85 minutes after drinking the coke was 6.0 mmol/L. In this video, the glucose reading was 6.4 mmol/L at 80 minutes after drinking the glucose. This is 0.4 mmol/L difference between the two videos, which is identical to the starting difference. This suggests the results would have stayed in the non-diabetic range if Afrezza was not taken in advance.

Update: It will be interesting to re-run this experiment without giving Afrezza a head start, and see how different the result is now that I have switched basal.


The unedited video can be downloaded below.

Due to the iPhone file size limit (8GB) the video is unedited video will be in three parts (the experiment ran for almost two hours; longer than the Coke experiment).
Unedited Pt 1:
Unedited Pt 2:
Unedited Pt 3:

Music: Moth by Colour Bomb

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