Afrezza: Timing is Everything

This video covers my experiences with Afrezza dose timing, and why I think timing is the most important aspect of dosing – even more important than the size.

I have previously mentioned the importance of dosage timing when taking Afrezza, but have not gone into much detail. So I thought it would be worthwhile talking about what I have learned so far about timing.

As a general rule, I dose about 10 minutes after I start eating, which is before my glucose levels start to rise from the meal. As I mention in the video, the best time to dose seems to depend on the fat content of the meal. And for some high fat meals, a follow up dose of Afrezza is neccesary.

I have found the same rule also applies if a follow-up dose is required. It is important to have the follow-up dose before the levels begin to rise out of range. If I had a CGM with alerts, I would use this to notify me as soon as it levels began to increase. That way I wouldn’t miss the optimum time for the follow-up.

It is worth remembering that much, much more Afrezza is needed to correct high glucose levels than to cover meals. As the video details, if I wait too long to dose, the dose required may be four times higher!

– Matt

Update: Although timing is important when using Afrezza, the above high in the graph and the hypo referred to in the video were the result of unintentionally replacing a Tresiba cartridge with a Levemir cartridge.

The hypo wouldn’t have occurred had I been taking the correct dose of either basal. Similarly, the high in the graph is during a period of no basal coverage. See this post for more details of what happened.

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