Afrezza and Lantus doses

This video is about basal insulin and the timing of Afrezza doses.

I wish I had known that Afrezza needed a basal dose adjustment, as previous insulins were pretty forgiving. Here’s an image which sums it up:

Afrezza and Excessive Lantus Doses

My previous Lantus dose when using Apidra was 9u in the morning and 10u in the evening, and I continued with that when starting Afrezza. But my glucose always seemed high, even though I was inhaling buckets of the stuff.

I thought it was that I needed more basal, but counterintuitively that made it even worse. I wanted to keep increasing it, but my partner insisted that lowering it might help. I said that’s impossible. But somehow it worked.

Later posts will cover optimising the Lantus dose split, switching to the more stable Levemir and Tresiba, and will explain what caused those blood glucose peaks.

Update: I later switched to Levemir, and am now using Afrezza with the amazing new basal Tresiba. I will soon post more info on these changes. This link will be updated once I have collected more data.