FreeStyle Libre

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The FreeStyle Libre is a glucose monitor, embedded in a tiny sticker the size of a coin. Although it samples glucose every 60 seconds, it has no transmitter so it can’t be used for alerts. Instead, the reader is waved over the sticker and the result is instantly displayed on screen along with a historical graph.

The sensor is about the size of a 20 cent piece, and twice as thick.

The sensor sticker is about the size of an Australian 20c piece, but is twice as thick.

The Libre is available in several European countries, and looks like it will be available in Australia soon.

Unlike other glucose monitors:

  • Tiny coin-sized sensor that’s simple to apply, and lasts 14 days
  • Does not require carrying additional glucose meter
  • No finger test recalibration (Dexcom every 12 hours, sometimes more often)
  • Glucose changes shown 9 minutes faster than Dexcom G4, and 6 minutes faster than the Dexcom G5.
  • Built-in ketone and glucose strip reader
  • More than 2x battery life of reader vs Dexcom receiver
  • Lighter and smaller reader

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