Obtaining Afrezza & Tresiba

Each country has their own scheme for the importation of unapproved medicines. This page will be updated with links for the method in each country.

You will first need to talk with your endocrinologist and get them on board. They will be very interested in your progress, as their peers have likely not even heard of Afrezza.

Afrezza is very expensive to those outside the US. The only way to obtain it at the moment is from International Pharmacy. Afshin, the pharmacy owner thinks he might be able to get lower pricing if he can gain sufficient order volume.

Tresiba basal insulin is available in many countries, including the US, central and South America, much of Asia and all of Europe. The cheapest way to obtain Tresiba might be to see a doctor if you are already going overseas. Alternatively, it can be imported from Victoria Pharmacy in Switzerland.

When using these online pharmacies, you will need to supply a prescription or letter from your doctor with your order. The rules in most countries allow importation of a three-month supply of the medicine at a time. A prescription or letter from your doctor will be needed to be included with the shipment. In some countries, it will be needed to be sent directly to your doctor.

The TGA Personal Import Scheme applies to Afrezza.

New Zealand
The Medsafe rules on personal importation apply to Afrezza.

HSA issues these guidelines for the importation of medicines such as Afrezza.

United States
Afrezza and Tresiba are easily obtainable in the US and are covered by many health insurers.


Leave a comment below if you have regulatory information for other countries.

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