Afrezza: Extreme Coke Challenge

This impressive video demonstrates how Afrezza works very differently to previous treatments for Type 1 diabetes.

Although I’m only 3 weeks in and still working it all out, I’m beginning to see how Afrezza can really widen the range of foods I could eat while still improving my glucose control. This is the best demonstration I could think of to show off its capabilities. For non-diabetics, read this for real experiences of would happen without Afrezza.

I did this test on an empty stomach. I started at 11:57am, the only thing I had consumed was a coffee at 9:27am. For this I had the small Afrezza dose (blue), so there was no residual glucose lowering going on.

I couldn’t have done this even a week ago, and feel like I am getting better control of my diabetes and a better understanding of Afrezza every day.
Carbs: Ice-cream 15.2g + 375mL Coke 40g = TOTAL 55.2g sugar
Lantus: 7u AM, 9u PM – (before Afrezza, Lantus was 10u AM, 9u PM)

Also see a follow up experiment using emergency glucose here.

The unedited files can be downloaded below.


Update: The results for this experiment may be even more impressive now that I have further optimised my basal insulin type and dose. Expect a re-run in the future.


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